The Difference between a Bontebok and a Blesbok

October 07, 2018

The Difference between a Bontebok and a Blesbok

This has always been a topic for debate among my family members. So I thought... I have photos of both species, let's see if I can spot the differences between a Bontebok and a Blesbok. Anyone that studies zoology is welcome to check me as this comes from someone who is purely a nature lover.

So, after looking at them for a while. I noticed the following differences:

  1.  Bontebok has a much larger white patch on its rear end, compared to a Blesbok's.
  2. Bontebok's's lower legs are almost completely white, where the Blesbok has black markings on its lower legs.
  3. The blesbok has a much more substantial opening below its eyes, that look almost like a second eye. Where as in my Bontebok photo it seems to be completely missing.
  4. Blesbok have much more visible, almost crazy looking eyes where as a Bontebok's's is barely visible.
  5. In the Juvenile antelope it is much easier to spot the difference. With a young blesbok having a black marking on its face and a Bontebok already having the white marking.



If you have been battling to spot the difference, like I have. I hope this info helps you and I will appreciate any details that I may have missed out on, as you can never know too much. You can only continue to learn more.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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