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As we travel this humorous path of life, we sometimes bump into extraordinary people. They take a chance on us, and Petrus is one of those special people. He lived and felt Kwetu Guest Farm through his pictures . A blinding gallery of breath taking sceneries and animals. My only regret is that I was not up there with them with a glass of wine to bask in those glorious sunsets that I love so much on the farm. How can I thank them enough? To Petrus and Garath, please come back to see us soon. We built this farm precisely for people with a heart as big as yours. Thank you. Michel


I just want to be there! Wonderful pictures!!


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My range of products includes set and custom sizes, stretched and unstretched prints.

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I offer custom printing and stretching of canvas prints. Contact me to find out more.

  • Standard canvas: 1500 x 18 m max. print size.
  • Premium canvas: 1380 mm x 10 m max. print size.